About us

Senior executive

For problems in your workplace, please contact your local shop steward or unit chair (see sub-local reps under your specific unit) before contacting members of the executive.  If you do need to reach us, here’s how:

Senior Executive:

President: Shelie Best president608@outlook.com

Vice President: Lisa Plourde vice.president608@outlook.com

Treasurer: Amanda Lust treasurer608@outlook.com

Recording Secretary: Carol Lawrence cupelocal608@gmail.com

Membership Officer: Jesse Repchuk


CUPE 608 has three trustees with the 3 year position being elected every year at the November general elections.

3 year term: Jacqui Ellis
2 year term:
Merlin Wimmer
1 year term:
Sean Wood



CUPE Local 608 has the following committees:

Education: Frank Zandvliet and Hilary Harling

Questions about Education opportunities should be directed to education608@outlook.com


OMDC: Leah Stubbings

OH&S: Cam DeLeeuw, Merlin Wimmer

Ways and Means: Frank Zandvliet, Carol Lawrence, Shelie Best

Website: Leah Stubbings

Politcal Action: VACANT


Communication Policy

All members who wish to have a particular issue or concern taken forward as a grievance must, whenever possible, submit said issue or concern in writing to their Shop Steward including all particulars and relevant articles of the CA or legislation believed to have been breached, along with suggested resolutions of said issue or concern. Should assistance in documenting issues or concerns be desired, Shop Stewards will aid members where necessary. This does not preclude members talking to their stewards about any issues or concerns they wish to clarify before formally addressing them in writing.

All issues or concerns brought forth will be addressed in a timely manner, in good faith, without prejudice or discrimination, and with the utmost possible discretion and confidentiality by union representatives.

The line of communication for such issues and concerns will be as follows:

Member >>> Shop Steward >>> Unit Chair >>> Vice President >>> President >>> National Representative

Any member who wishes to bypass their Shop Steward for whatever reason and go directly to the Unit Chair, must first submit their reasoning in writing, whenever possible, to the Unit Chair for approval to do so. Where a member has a significant concern regarding the representation within their unit, they may seek approval from a Table Officer.